Organic Pigments

Organic pigments offer an excellent range of colours, using very differing chemistries.


In our efforts to provide a comprehensive range of organic pigments, International Speciality Chemicals has teamed up with a small number of specialist producers of high quality pigments to offer a full palette of colours. The colour index number dictaes the exact shade and chemistry used to create that particular colour.




Our principal products are Red 48:2 and Red 48:3, used extensively in paint applications to replace inorganic molybdenum / Chrome based pigments. They have been developed to withstand higher operating temperatures that standard pigments and can tolerate 250 deg. C working temperatures.




The principal colour offered is Orange 34, for use in paints, inks and plastics.




The principal yellow pigments offered as PY83, PY191 and PY183, designed for road marking paint applications in thermoplastic resins subjected to high temperature of application. They exhibit high resistance to sunlight and chemicals and so can be used in a wide variery of coatings.




We offer two green shades PG7 and PG8, both of which have been designed for coatings use, with particle size around 1 micron.




Our range of blue organic pigments centres around Copper Phthalocyanine pigments and we offer PB15:0, PB15:1, PB15:2 and PB15:3




Violet pigments are new to the range and produced for International Speciality Chemicals in a partner relationship by a major Chinese manufacturer.


Partnerships with other manufactures enable International Speciality Chemicals to offer an extensive range of colours at excellent prices