Speciality Pigments and Colourants

Our range of high quality pigments centres on an extensive range of Titanium Dioxide grades, each designed for specific applications. For the coatings industry we offer several grades of titanium dioxide, coated with aluminium and or zirconium oxides and an organic coating to improve weathering and overall performance. Our inks grades offer easy dispersion and excellent performance characteristics.

For applications demanding a high blue / white tone such as high gloss coatings, we have chloride grades available capable of meeting any specific demand requiring the most blue shade of titanium dioxide.


At the economical end of the scale, Tamarox - a buff / beige colour rutile titanium dioxide pigment, offers a real alternative to using white titanium dioxide pigments in paint and plastic applications, at a fraction of the cost. It is especially useful for undercoats, coil coating and interior paints.


Our colour pigments include a series of iron oxides and several organic pigments.


Speciality sectors served include functional pigments such as glow-in-the-dark phosphors and colour-changing thermochromic pigments.


A separate business unit in ISC looks after security pigments which are used in printing of sensitive documents and banknotes to prevent fraud.


We're always happy to provide any additional information about our products and how they can be used in customer specific applications.


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International Speciality Chemicals has teamed up with several major suppliers to enhance the product range that we offer. As a result, we can offer a variety of organic and inorganic pigments to meet the ever growing needs of our customers and make ISC a true one-stop shop for all your pigment and colourant needs.