Security Pigments

Covert protection of important documents, brands and legal tender is a very important part of ensuring counterfeit or fake documents can be distinguished from the real items.


The sophistication that counterfeiters use these days is increasing and at International Speciality Chemicals we offer several products that can be incorporated into ink or printing systems that assist as part of a series of measures to prevent falsification of these important documents and banknotes.


International Speciality Chemicals has teamed up with the UK company INOVINK, a specialist in the security inks sector and together our range of security products is enhanced. This has resulted in an enhanced range of products that can be used in existing inks formulations and means that a security feature can now be easily added to almost any ink formulation.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help and how our products can be incorporated into your standard document design and how these unique products help prevent illegal copies of these being made.


For reasons of security, we only discuss this technology with institutions working in the field of security marking and with banks or their assigned printing partners.


For further information, please use our contact page