Iron Oxide Pigments

Iron Oxide pigments from International Speciality Chemicals are synthetic iron oxide pigments available in three main colours, Red, Yellow and Black.


Iron oxide pigments impart excellent colour characteristics to coatings and plastics and have outstanding resistance to harsh enviroments and well as inherent low toxicity.


The principal colours can be blended to produce earth shades or browns and ocres as well as colour adjustments of the basic shades. They can also be mixed with other pigments to product a wide range of colour options.

Iron Oxide pigments are divided into three categories, depending on the final application and required particle size.


For construction purposes, a larger particle size and therefore an unmicronised product is the preferred choice as it offers an economic option for colouring of concrete for castings and mouldings and similar applications.


In paint and ink applications, a finer and hence micronised product is the preferred grade, offering better dispersibility and better colour generation in the final product.


The last application is for food use, where a specific raw material is chosen that has ultra-low levels of impurities and therefore meets the requirements of E172 and FDA for use in food applications.


Please see the Food Colourants page for further information about these special grades.

Please contact us to discuss whcih of our grades is best suited your your particular application. You will find all the details of how to do this on our contact page