Iron Oxide Pigments

Synthetic Iron Oxide pigments are used in a variety of applications to colour food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.


The E172 / FDA grades supplied by International Speciality Chemicals offer industry leading levels of purity and so can be used with confidence in applications that require the use of high-purity iron oxide products.


Through a combination of advanced processing and selection of raw ingredients, the trace elements of other metals in the iron oxide range of products is at an obsolute minimum.

Iron Oxide E172 / FDA black, is the principal product used as the base for eye shadows / mascaras, as it conforms to all current standards for use in cosmetics around the sensitive eye area.


Reds and Yellows are used as a base in other cosmetics where they supplement other types of colourants in producing vivid colours.

Gallery of Cosmetics - Showing Iron Oxide Pigments in Daily Use

Other Uses

Applications in the food sector also means iron oxide pigments have become the leading colourant used in pet foods today.


Just one of the many versatile ways iron oxide pigments add colour to our lives.