Modified Esters of Gum Rosin

Gum rosin is a naturally occuring product derived from tree sap.


The principal tree type used is Masson's Pine or Pinus massoniana in its Latin classification.


Gum Rosin or Colophony, as it is sometimes referred to is thus a natural product derived from managed forests, which are tapped periodically to harvest the resin, which then goes for further processing to produce the products detailed in the subsequest pages.

Through a proprietary process of esterification and condensation reactions raw gum rosin is converted into more stable and resistant modified grades.

The resultant product is lighter in colour and has a higher and more defined softening point, making it more suitable for use as a binding agent and as a tackifier for use in adhesives.


The principal application for the resin variants are for road line markings and anti-skid surface coatings where, combined with other products offered by International speciality chemicals, road safety is being improved. 


Anti-skid road surafce increase tyre grip, especially during braking, leading to shorter stopping distances and therefore help reduce accidents, especially in wet weather conditions.

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