ISChem - RM110

ISChem - RM110 is a further refined version of the ISChem - RM105 grade with a modified softening point that changes the viscosity of the product and therefore the loading capacity of the binder with fillers. the processing further enhances clarity of the product and results in a typical colour on the Gardner Scale of 1-2


This increase in loading capacity helps prevent settling of the additives / fillers used in formulations such as paints and coatings and improves the overall performance of the finished product in a variety of applications. 


The enhanced properties of the 110 variant, also open up new applications where strong adhesive bonds, and different viscosity profiles are required.


The inherent properties of the product facilitate its use in a variety of applications and RM - 110 has become a favourite for use in adhesive formulations and speciality inks and coatings.

In fact in any application requiring a high clarity, high melting point resin, RM-110 is the perfect choice.


This grade is also proving to be the new resin of choice for road-marking and anti-skid formulations where consistency of melting range, low odour and light colour, coupled to the excellent performance characteristics as a binding agent, mean that the 110 variant meets all the requirements of a consistant high performing resin.

ISChem RM 110 (Pictured on the left) compares favourably in both colour and odour when compared to the industry standard resin for road marking paints (Right). The photograph shows the clear superiority of ISChem - RM110 versus the industry leading product in terms of colour and other properties can only be fully appreciated when the product is used.


The inherent light colour and low odour open new applications for this very versatile resin.

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