ISChem - RM105

Modified rosin esters are the first choice in natural thermoplastic resins. Easy to handle and exhibiting low toxicity profile and of course natural and renewable origin.


They are the workhorse of the resin portfolio and can be found in numerous products and applications.


ISChem - RM105 is a light-coloured Modified Gum Rosin made via a process of stabilisation and esterification of base rosin, especially developed for Road-marking paint applications.


The grade has a characteristic light colour, superior heat and weather resistance and shows good compatibility with EVA, SIS, SBS, and can be used in EVA based hot melt adhesives, diapers, adhesive products, paints and inks, etc.


For applications requiring an even clearer product, the pentaerythrite grades are the preferred option.


Other applications include anti-skid road coverings where the main function of the ISChem - RM105 is to act as the binder, holding the component aggregates firmly in place and so enhancing road safety, especially in wet conditions.

This grade of gum rosin based ester offers many advanced properties that set it apart from other competitive products.


Apart from performance characteristics, it is worth remembering that this product is in fact a naturally derived resin, produced from renewable feedstock that help to minimise environmental impact of chemical products and help reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint.