Hydrocarbon Resin

ISC offers a synthetic resin based on the aliphatic hydrocarbon C5 fraction, known as A5100.


This resin offers the clarity and consistency required to meet the demands on many resin applications, such as road marking and paint formulations, where clarity and consistant melting point are pre-requisites.


A5100 exhibits low colour and low odour characteristics and as such is proving to be a popular choice when a synthetic resin is needed.


When compared to other hydrocarbon resins the superiority of A5100 is clearly visible.


Whereas FA5100 finds its principal applications in speciality coatings and adhesives, FT5100 and FR5100, both aliphatic modified aromatic hydrocarbons, have been developed for use in coatings and road-marking paints and offer superior performance and an economic cost option for these applications.


In the past, aromatic hydrocarbons were notoriously dark coloured and usually had high odour and were seldom the hydrocarbon resin of choice for high-end applications. The new generation Ischem FT and FR grades are light in colour and very low odour, all on par with aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are now used to modify the less desireable properties of the aromatic hydrocarbons and create excellent new products.