Speciality Resins

Modified Rosin Ester Resins

ISC offer a comprehensive range of natural rosin based resins chemically modified to achieve exacting standards. The product range includes pentaerythrite and maleic modified esters, produced by the most modern methods, to ensure high performance and low colour and odour properties. The  range of melting / softening points available is from around 80 degrees to over 125 degrees centigrade and ISC is always ready to discuss bespoke products for specific applications.


All products are available in easy to handle mini-bead form, that eliminate the formation of dust and simplifies the use of the product.

The modified esters of gum rosin range includes speciality grades for road-marking paint and industrial paint applications, featuring high and narrow melting ranges and predictable consistant viscosities. Other grades have been tailored for speciality adhesivesmanufacture and feature low colour index on the standard grades to a water-white food grade option for applications that demand the highest standards in raw materials.

The standard pentaerythrite and maleic modified products are perfect for use in coatings applications where they excel as natural polymers and binders. These products are also used with great success in hot-melt, pressure sensitive and other adhesive applications. All grades feature good temperature resistance and high adhesion properties and high compatibility with other polymers and resins.



Hydrocarbon resins


As a complimentary product, International Speciality Chemicals offers several hydrocarbon based resins (C5) used extensively as a co-product with rosin ester based resins. These are either straight forward aliphatic C5 hydrocarbon resins or C5 aliphatic modified aromatic resins.


All the ISC Hydrocarbon Resins exhibit low odour and excellent colour and due to the synthetic route of manufacture, the resulting product is extremely consistant in all the main characteristics required of a high performance resin.



Please browse the product specific pages to learn more about these products

Epoxy Resins

The ISChem range of Epoxy Resins is extensive, with both liquid and solid grades available.


Epoxy Resins are the workhorse of coatings and contruction as well as the more familar adhesives applications.


As these are produced by our partner company we are able to offer customer specific grades, as required.

Resin Emulsions

Additionally, ISC offer acrylate and acrylate emulsion resins as well as formulated blends using Acrylate and VAM with other resins such as Styrene.


These new hybrid resin emulsions enable simple solutions to be found for problems that previously required very complicated solutions.