PSM HL300 Series

PSM HL300 series is the film forming / blow-moulding biodegradable polymer of choice.

It can be used on existing blow-moulding equipment and meets all the requirements for biodegradable standards according to EN13432 and ASTM D6400.


Bags produced from HL300 series and HL301 in particular, exhibit similar properties to the familiar oil-derived polyethylene versions, but with the added advantage of low carbon footprint and 100% renewable.


HL300 series is available in thicker sheet dimensions to give the option of thermoforming and creating certified 100% biodegradable products.


HL300 series is NOT an additive - it is a 100% bio polymer capable of producing bags that are truly biodegradable and therefore beware of claims that additives for polyethylene / polypropylene can produce fuilly biodegradable bags, when logic dictates that if the starting material in not biodegradable, then how can the addition of an additive make it so?


Don't take any chances with the production of truely biodegradable bags and choose HL300 series as your raw material.

HL300 series has been designed to work with existing blow moulding equipment and can easily replace oil-derived plastics in this application. For mor einformation contact us to learn more about these exciting polymers

Photo Gallery of Bags Produced from HL301 Biodegradable Polymer