PSM HL200 Series

PSM HL200 series is the sheet / roll or laminate product produced from the HL100 series thermo-polymer designed for immediate use in thermo-formers.


We are able to supply this in rolls starting at 25Kgs with a width of 720-800mm and thickness to suit customers specific needs.


The HL200 series, is available in several standard colours, ready to be used directly in thermo-forming equipment and specific colours can be produced to meet customers' requirements.


The HL200 series is a versatile and easy to use option for customers who prefer to dedicate their extruders to other purposes and utilise the services of International Speciality Chemicals to provide the ready-to-use sheet-form of the thermoforming bio-polymer.


From this series of bio-polymer, a whole range of thermo-formed items can be quickly and efficiently produced leading to a growing utilisation of biodegradable polymers in the production of everyday plastic items. the resulting reduction in the use of oil-derived plastics thus benefits both the environment and helps delay the impending depletion of oil and with it the problem of non-renewable oil based plastics.

PSM HL200 series offers a unique option to produce a whole array of thermo-formed items, quickly and efficiently using existing thermoforming equipment. With this clear advantage of ease of use on existing equipment, the new age of bio-polymers has clearly arrived.