PSM HL100 Series

PSM HL100 series is the main biodegradable (Technically referred to as 'Bio-Based) thermoplastic offered for use in injection moulding applications.


The key grades are HL103 and HL104, which differ slightly in the final properties of the products that they produce.



HL100 series, has been specially developed for use on existing injection moudling equipment, it can be easily formed into sheets for further thermoforming processes.


The technical performance of products made using the HL100 series, mimics that of more traditional oil-based plastics, with only slight modifications needed to extrusion equipment to move from polyethylene / polypropylene to PSM bio-polymers.


The polymers itself is capable of producing products / containers that can be used across a large temperature range with only small modifications to the product. It is now possible to product biodegradable coffee / tea cups that can tolerate 100 degrees centigrade, something that was not possible with bio-polymers a few years ago.


At the other end of the temperature range, containers for use as food containers destined to be stored in a refridgerator is also no problem and the useful temperature range now spans for -20 to +125 degrees C.



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