Biodegradable Polymers

Polymer Starch Material (PSM) is a revolutionary product manufactured from renewable corn starch base, these patented, award winning bio-polymers meet the strictest of standards including the new harmonised EN13432 biodegradation standard.


In addition, these products also meet the EN14045 and EN14046, ISO 14855, OK Compost and the FDA 176.170 requirements for food contact use.


The PSM HL100 series and HL200 series are ideal for extrusion moulding and thermo- forming applications producing biodegradable items for everyday use. In tests the products degraded in around 3 years, giving a long useful life without environmental compromise. This product series is referred to as 'Bio-based' as degradation will take place beyond the 6 months stipulated in the EN13432 certification process.


This polymer has been used to produce items such as disposable cutlery, plates, drinks cups, coffee cup lids, stirrers to name but a few. The wide operating temperature range (0 to 100 degrees C) of the PSM polymers open up a number of possible applications including microwave-safe food packaging.


PSM complies with the international environmental-friendly requirements of
ISO14851 (related to biodegradability and compostability), US FDA regulation
176.170 and EU EN 71-3:1994/A1:2000, North America ASTM.D 6866 (Biobased Content of Natural Range Materials).

It also meets the degradability criteria of GB18006.1 - 1999 issued by the State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. 

Degradation of PSM Biodegradable Polymer

Biodegradation under industrial composting conditions is extremely rapid for the HL300 series. Unlike some so-called oxo-degradable products which leave residues inherent in the hydrocarbon polymers, to be slowly degrades over many years, PSM degradation is quick and complete. An can be demonstrated under the strict EN13432 requirements, the PSM HL300 Series products degrade into carbon dioxide and water, leaving no harmful or slow degrading elements in the environment

Biodegradable items - Picture Gallery

PSM bio-polymers are extremely versatile and can be used to make a whole range of products, thus replacing more traditional hydrocarbon polymers which are not renewable and leave a large carbon footprint. The items shown below in the picture gallery, have all been produced from the PSM biodegradable polymer